The Review 2012 with Haute Consultants

Big moves in 2012. The company started off with a bang and ended with a bang. After leaving a partnership and venturing alone Haute Consultants is slowly becoming a household name.

From copping top commercial gigs from advertisers to doing marketing for a 5k to wedding planning to providing staffing We have done every service that we offer. Running a business alone is loads of work, i must admit that everyone who is close to me wants to help but I don’t have a lot of money to be paying staff right now but they still motivate me.

I think my 2012 highlight is being a guest speaker at a few functions…..(ha! use to be shy girl now speaking openly in public)

See the run down below;

Booking Talents for Commercials

Staffing for a Promotional Campaign

Marketing for a 5k and a bike-a-thon

Wedding Planning

Grant Writing  and the list continues

Our business presence was increased as well. New logo and business promotional flier was rolled out and we were featured in the Jamaica Bridal Expo magazine.






About Haute Consultants

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